D Blood Premium Coolant 4L Dsport Japan

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Brand: D-Sports
Item Conditions: New
Price for 1pcs (4L)

A high-performance racing coolant jointly developed with “TCL ADVANCE”, a lineup of high-performance auto chemicals.

Sport is a high-spec coolant that does not freeze up to -10.2 ° C while having the same cooling performance as pure water.
Premium has achieved cooling performance that can be used for sports driving while having a freezing temperature that can be used safely even in winter.
A straight type that can be used without diluting.

Freezing temperature : -30.5 ℃
Liquid color : Green
Principal component : Pure water, ethylene glycol
TCL Cooling Ratio : -31.5 ℃

* TCL Cooling Ratio is TCL’s original cooling performance index, which shows the temperature difference (0 to 10 seconds) of the metal after 10 seconds after immersing the metal heated to 150 ° C in the coolant. This is a more practical value assuming cooling of the engine block.

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