24  Hour Endurance Racing is a day night non-stop race. Each team must be multiple driver, it depend of diffrent event rule and regulation. Driver will take turn to make sure the race car is continuesly carry on, and make the most laps time to win the race. This is some list of endurance race in the world. 24 Hour of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring, 6 Hour of Watkins Glen, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Australian Endurance Championship, Asian Le Mans Series, Japan Le Mans Challenge, Blancpain Endurance Series, 24 Hour of Dubai, 24 Hour of Nurburgring, 12 Hours of Bathurst, and many more endurance race. That is so much famous automotive Endurance race. 24 Hours of le mans is the world’s well know oldest endurance race since 1923. The origin circuit is in le mans sarthe france.  This circuit make a lot of historical history in motorsports racing.

24Hour of k car global night view

24 Hour of K Car Global morning race view

24 Hour of K Car Global  is an Asian Kei car (mini car) racing series run by K CAR GLOBAL. This event organized at Sepang International Circuit (sic). The series features both Prototypes and mini cars. It uses the same regulations as the K4GP which is Japan kei car (mini car) Endurance series. All drivers and competitors participating must hold a current and valid K Car Global license issued by K Car Global organisation.  The technical rule and regulation is very simple:

Class 1: R type car ( prototype)

  • R type vehicles
    1) Vehicles using pipe frame
    2) Vehicles that significantly remodeled the basic structure of production vehicles
  • The engine displacement should be 1100 cc or less.
  • In the case of a supercharged engine, the displacement is converted using a factor of 1.5
  • K-Car Production car using 713cc force induction (turbo or supercharged)
    Daihatsu Storia engines



Class 2: Force induction

production vehicles displacement of 659 cc (turbo or supercharged)


Class 3: Naturally Aspirated (NA)

production vehicles displacement of 659cc, 713cc, and 850cc only.



Each class will consume a different amount of fuel. Maximum refuel amount at each stop will be capped at 20 litres and the total amount of fuel required with be advised before the event. Each team would be required to prepare one canister with a minimum capacity of 20litres for refueling purposes. Each canister must be marked with the car number for identification. Fuel is controlled and must be purchased through the K Car Global organisers only. Designated area for refuelling will be determined and notified, and no other works will be permitted in the refuelling zone. All 20 litre canisters must be placed only in the refuelling zone. They are not to be used in the pits. The refuelling zone will be closed one (1) hour before the finish of the Endurance. No fuel can be stored in the pit area. Any team found with violating this rule will be immediately disqualified. Should a team withdraw or retire from the Endurance, fuel purchased prior to that will not be refunded. The fuel will be used by organisers as payment in exchange for circuit rental purposes.


Car Number

Numbers must be placed at the front, rear, and left side of the car body. R-Type cars will be advised on the position. Number and number base will be provided by organisers. Duplicate numbers with Japanese participants are not allowed. Numbers can be requested through the entry forms and will be advised accordingly. Large numbers on rear-side window will be required.



Unlimited quantity. Size and compound are free. There will be no specific one make tyre for the Endurance. There will be no tyre installer at the circuit.


Seat Belts

All participating cars must have a minimum of a 5-point secure seat belt. Seat belt anchorage points must be strong and in good condition. Should a competition harness be used, the shoulder strap must be installed at 45 degrees from horizontal. Safety is paramount. As such, competitors are advised to strap themselves in tight.


Roll cage

A minimum 6-point roll cage is compulsory for factory production cars. For R-Type cars, please see organisers for details.


Fuel tank

All fuel tank must be the original size.
• Any modification to fuel tanks is strictly prohibited.
• The maximum size of the collector tank is 5 litres.


Fire Extinguisher

All cars must be fitted with a fire extinguisher canister with a capacity of not less than 2kg.


Towing Hook 

All cars must be fitted with a towing hook in the front and rear and clearly marked with a RED or ORANGE indicator arrow. All towing hooks must be properly secured and clearly visible for recovery purposes.


Door Windows
Door windows must always be wound up unless there is a window net attached. It is recommended to have the netting placed and inserted securely.


Car Lighting 

All cars must be fitted with working headlights. Glass headlights are required to be taped, while plastic lights do not. Cars must be equipped with brake lights, headlights, and LED lights for number identification. LED lights are as illustrated in Appendix C. Lights must be bright for identification. RED lights are not allowed for identification purposes. Other colours are permitted.


Driver Equipment

Your safety is the most important priority to the organisers. Therefore  Proper fire proof racing attire is compulsory. Go-Kart suits are not permitted.  Minimum SFI 3.2A/1 certified suits are required. Hand belt is compulsory, organizers requires each team to purchase two (2) sets of Hand Belts. The cost per belt is RM 100.00. Each car requires two (2) sets. The total cost for each car will be RM 200.00 and the belts will be brought in from Japan.


Cooling System

Methanol Intercooling method/system is prohibited during the duration of the event. Only standard intercoolers are permitted.



This is a fun race. All team will come with thier own title costume, the best costume reward will be give to the most crative team. The car will lineup along the pits, and the race began with traditional Le Mans start. Some of the team enjoy 24Hour race with having BBQ while the race is going on.

Le Mans style roll start

Le Mans traditional start style

Le Mans style roll start






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